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Be-smart school programmes

Our Be-Smart secondary school programme

Being experts when it comes to internet security; we are passionate about our Be-Smart Internet Safety programme. It aims to raise awareness, educating students, teachers and parents about being safe, responsible and of course successful online.

We believe young people can positively influence their friends online!

Be-Smart is a FREE internet safety, peer to peer led programme. Initially delivered by a teacher to a group of senior students, those students are then empowered to deliver the programme throughout the school to all other students in their school. This is a peer led approach to educating young people about being safe, responsible and successful online. It is our 3rd successful year with Be-Smart and we have built strong relationships with teachers and students everywhere.

Be-Smart for secondary schools covers the following topics:

  • Your online reputation
  • Your online safety
  • Cyber-bullying
  • A strong emphasis is placed throughout on the importance of personal responsibility online

FREE Toolkit for your school:
Would you like this programme for your school? The toolkit comprises a PDF document giving you all the information and advice on how to run this programme in your school, along with a video. The toolkit is FREE simply click here to request it.

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