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At Trend Micro, we’re proud to be protecting organizations that are leaders in their industries. We’re equally proud to protect the small business owners whose livelihoods depend on a smooth running business, and the families that put their trust in us. Our passion is making the world safe for the exchange of digital information, so that our customers can focus on their passion.

Government Regulator

“The maturity of the product has played a huge role and stands out in the market. Other vendors are only on their first or second generation of products in this space”

Simon Kellow, Cyber Risk Consultant

Industry: Government

Location: London, UK

# Employees: 800

CHALLENGE: When Cyber Risk Consultant Simon Kellow first got involved with this public sector client, he had his work cut out. The organisation runs around 350 servers – only two of which are physical – and 800 VDI desktops, to support in the region of 1,000 users.

SOLUTION: Deep Security, Deep Discovery Inspector, Deep Discovery Analyzer, Smart Protection Complete with XGen, InterScan messaging, InterScan web and Control Manager

Read case study (PDF)

Cancer Research UK

“Trend Micro is my strategic choice for threat protection for all of our client environments and I look forward to our continued partnership.”

Martin Quinn, Chief Technology Manager

Industry: Nonprofit

Location: London, UK

# Employees: 3,900

CHALLENGE: With more than 2,000 active users to manage across physical machines, VMware virtual desktops and mobile devices, Cancer Research UK’s client technology manager, Martin Quinn, was looking for a new supplier to come in and offer exceptional threat protection, and to help with installation and ongoing management where needed.

SOLUTION: Deep Security and Smart Protection Suites for endpoint

Read the Cancer Research UK case study (PDF)

AZ Vesalius

“In a hospital environment, only the best will do. Compromise is not an option.”

Peter Laenen,, Head of IT Services

Industry: medical care

Location: Tongeren, Belgium

# Employees: 900

CHALLENGE: Protecting existing investments; Improving performance

SOLUTION: Trend Micro™ Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Deep Security

Read the AZ Vesalius case study (PDF)

National Bank of Abu Dhabi

“Deep Security also helps us with PCI and other compliance requirements. The breadth of the functionality, in one solution, is a strong and logical addition in our environment.”

Hossam Elkobrosy, Head of IT Infrastructure

Industry: Finance

Location: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

# Employees: 5,000

CHALLENGE: Maintain the Bank’s top rankings for safe banking; avoid vulnerabilities associated with the move
to virtualization and cloud infrastructure/service models; keep PCs and servers performing optimally, without being overtaxed by security scans and updates; flexibly scale security as the infrastructure grows

SOLUTION: Trend Micro™ Enterprise Security solutions and Deep Security

Read the National Bank of Abu Dhabi case study (PDF)

Ministry of Health, Government of Kuwait

“ USB device control features and Active Directory integration give us more control and make our jobs easier. Scan performance is also a major improvement—the new OfficeScan has reduced scan times by 50-60%.”

Hussain Eidan, Operation Manager, Information Systems Department

Industry: Government

Location: Kuwait

# Employees: 100.000+

CHALLENGE: Protect patient data and proprietary research results; tailor security to allow different user groups
to define appropriate security policies; minimize the management of security, and maintain central control

SOLUTION: Enterprise Security, OfficeScan and Data Loss Prevention

Read the case study of the Ministry of Health - Kuweit (PDF)

Serck Controls UK

“We came across the Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance, and were initially attracted to the virtual appliance form factor… That was very appealing, and the virtual appliance was also very easy to configure and manage in our environment.”

John Fowler, IT Engineer

Industry: Software and Services

Location: Coventry, UK

# Employees: 180

CHALLENGE: Block threats before they can impact the company or customers’ operations; avoid management complexity; better educate users about safe web behaviors; minimise costs without sacrificing security

SOLUTION: Trend Micro InterScan Web Security

Read the Serck Controls case study (PDF)

Farmers Insurance Group of Companies

“Amazon EC2 and Trend Micro SecureCloud give us the multiple layers of security we need to handle sensitive data with confidence, even when it travels off of our in-house infrastructure.”

Rob Prager, Director of IT

Industry: Insurance/Financial Services

Location: California, USA

# Employees: 50.000+

CHALLENGE: Evaluate the security issues surrounding electronic signature capabilities; ensure compliance with parent company’s data privacy requirements

SOLUTION: Trend Micro SecureCloud, for encryption of data stored on Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS) for use with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances.

Read the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies case study (PDF)

PFS Pension Fund Services AG

“Deep Security’s agentless concept not only saves staff resources, as expected, it also performs much better than our previous program and protects virtual as well and physical servers equally well.”

Michael Flückiger, Head of IT/Pension Plan Support

Industry: Finance

Location: Glattbrugg, Switzerland

# Employees: 65

CHALLENGE: Protecting the confidentiality of information of 26,000 insured employees and retirees in 29 pension plans as well as asuring the process payroll in SAP, including social security deductions, for more than 20,000 employees.

SOLUTION: Deep Security

Read the PFS Pension Fund Services AG case study (PDF)

Euro Informatica srl

“Our plans definitely include upgrading all of our customers to the new InterScan Messaging Security solution. The hybrid spam engine and email encryption are especially key features for our managed services business.”

Francesco Battistin, Technical

Industry: IT Services

Location: Sandrigo, Italy

# Employees: n/a

CHALLENGE: Simplify security to drive down operating costs for managed services; build in protection that is tailored to today’s evolving environments that include virtualization and cloud services; block threats before they can impact customers’ businesses; choose solutions that are easy to deploy, easy to manage, and that minimize the number of solutions that must be supported

SOLUTION: InterScan Messaging Security

Read the Euro Informatica customer story (PDF)

Yapi Kredi

“Only one solution—Trend Micro Deep Security—met all of our technical and business requirements. It integrates with VMware, preserves performance, and protects physical, virtual, and cloud servers, giving us the flexibility we need to meet our business objectives.”

Levend Abay, IT Security Manager

Industry: Finance

Location: Levent-Istanbul Besiktas, Turkey

# Employees: 17.000

CHALLENGE: Maximize virtual server consolidation; secure the virtual environment with strict controls, in support of compliance with payment card industry (PCI) regulations and in support of the company’s commitment to customer privacy; introduce a security solution that is simple as well as extensible across virtual and cloud platforms

SOLUTION: Deep Security

Read the Yapi Kredi customer story (PDF)

Golf Town

“Keeping security light and lean absolutely matters to us. A small security footprint is crucial, and Trend Micro innovations like Smart Protection Network make a big difference. The Trend Micro solutions definitely extend the life of our systems.”

John Hur, Director, Information Technology

Industry: Retail

Location: Ontario, USA

# Employees: 1.000+

CHALLENGE: Protect corporate and customer data; meet PCI requirements; reduce operating costs

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints, including the OfficeScan™ VDI plug-in

Read the Golf Town customer story (PDF)

RadioWorks Group

“SafeSync lets employees make the best use of their smartphones and devices, and also allows us to centrally manage and monitor our company data to prevent risks to the business.”

Robert Box, Head of ICT

Industry: Advertising

Location: London, UK

# Employees: 50

CHALLENGE: Too many threats were reaching the company’s network and computers; manual clean-up was often required; spam was overwhelming the email server; employees were using personal devices (smartphones, at-home laptops) to access company data, creating vulnerabilities and making it hard to monitor data behaviors

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security, Hosted Email Security and SafeSync for Business

Read the RadioWorks Group case study (PDF)

Go Daddy!

“We have both been doing business ‘in the cloud’ since before it was called ‘the cloud.’ Deep Security has proven to be the right choice on many levels, and dealing with Trend Micro has been a pleasure.”

Todd Redfoot, Chief Information Security Officer

Industry: Website hosting

Location: Scottsdale, USA

# Employees: 3.000+

CHALLENGE: Protect Go Daddy’s reputation as the world leader for web hosting, and protect the reputation of its customers by providing safe online experiences

SOLUTION: Deep Security

Read the Go Daddy customer story (PDF)

Omni Companies

“Trend Micro is more proactive in understanding the security landscape and knowing how cybercriminals are working. To predict and preempt threats, you have to have this understanding. Trend Micro does, and as a result, the Trend Micro solutions can detect threats very quickly.”

Jeff Jackson, Partner and Principal Consultant, Acumen Technologies, Ltd.
(Managed services provider for Omni Companies)

Industry: Financial Services/Insurance

Location: Vancouver, Canada

# Employees: 100

CHALLENGE: Introduce virtualized infrastructure; meet PCI compliance requirements

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Deep Security, protecting virtual servers in outsourced data center; Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints, protecting standard and VDI desktops

Read the Omni Companies customer story (PDF)


“Trend Micro understands security concerns for today’s virtualized data centers—they get it.”

Bill Cooper, President of Stalwart Systems (Ahold)

Industry: Retail food

Location: Greenville, USA

# Employees: 100.000

CHALLENGE: Maintain PCI compliance while minimizing time required to manage the solution across 800 stores

SOLUTION: Switch to Trend Micro Deep Security

Read the Ahold customer story (PDF)

Dubai Cable Company Ltd (Ducab)

“With Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Mail Servers, we are able to control spam filtering. We can’t afford to block any legitimate business emails, and Trend Micro messaging security allows us to achieve a spam catch rate that we are happy with while avoiding false positives.”

Raihan Aamir, Information Technology and Systems Manager

Industry: Manufacturing

Location: Dubai, UAE

# Employees: 1,000

CHALLENGE: Malware attacks were making it through previous security solutions; infections spreading to customers and partners could seriously damage company reputation; efficiency and excellent customer service require reliable, secure email; protection must be maximized while minimizing IT resources for administration and support

SOLUTION: Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Mail Server

Read the Dubai Cable Company Ltd (Ducab) case study (PDF)


“We were so impressed with Trend Micro Hosted Email Service that we signed right up. The hosted service has been a very effective and easy addition that has really cut down on traffic on our network.”

Marc Collins, System Administrator

Industry: Housing

Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

# Employees: 380


CHALLENGE: Make it easy for clients to use the web site and email without compromising privacy or introducing vulnerabilities to the business; stop threats before they impact the delivery of service; minimize the IT time required to support security; keep up with the latest security trends and threats

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite & Hosted Email Security

Read the Comwonen case study (PDF)



“With Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Mail Servers, we are able to control spam filtering. We can’t afford to block any legitimate business emails, and Trend Micro messaging security allows us to achieve a spam catch rate that we are happy with while avoiding false positives.”

Raihan Aamir, Information Technology and Systems Manager

Industry: Logistics and Infrastructure

Location: Global

# Employees: 30,000

CHALLENGE: Increasing numbers of threats were breaking through endpoint defenses; spam was on the rise; growth and acquisitions were complicating security management; vendor support was lacking from the previous security vendor

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Enterprise Security Solutions and Control Manager

Read the Agility case study (PDF)


Gladstone plc

“You don’t have to study the installation manual. With the Deployment Wizard, everything just works. It’s very simple. InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance was easy to introduce, and the reporting capabilities and tools make it a cost-effective solution to manage. ”

Paul Doherty, IT Systems Manager

Industry: Computers, Software and Services

Location: Wallingford, UK

# Employees: 100

CHALLENGE: Allow employees to surf the web without introducing vulnerabilities to the business; keep control of web security in IT; integrate new security solution into existingnetwork design; keep it simple, for users and for IT

SOLUTION: Trend Micro InterScan Web Security

Read the Gladstone plc case study (PDF)

Rabeys Group

“Worry-Free Business Security Services is easy for me to manage centrally. I no longer have to rely on users to make sure that security software is up to date.”

Russell Bailey, Systems Manager

Industry: Commercial Vehicles

Location: Channel Islands, UK

# Employees: 50


CHALLENGE: Simplify security without compromising productivity or protection: make sure that all systems have up-to-date defense from the latest threats; gain better visibility of security status from anywhere at anytime

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services (Hosted solution)

Read the Rabeys Group case study (PDF)

Salford City Council

“More and more, we see malware coming from ‘legitimate’ web sites—we have to protect ourselves from becoming victims and Trend Micro has proven to be an innovator in web protection.”

Gary Varnam, Infrastructure and Security Specialist, ICT Services

Industry: Local Government

Location: Salford, UK

# Employees: 10,000


CHALLENGE: Provide infrastructure that enables partnerships and collaboration; mitigate the risks related to accessing partner-owned content and increasing cybercrime activity on “friendly” web sites; reduce real estate and desk space with secure mobile solutions that enable an agile workforce; keep security solutions up to date while minimizing impact on network bandwidth

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite for Endpoints

Read the Salford City Council case study (PDF)

Vince Marsters

“I can quickly glance at the web-based console, and then pull down reports to check out the full activity history. With Worry-Free Business Security Services, I know what is happening and I am much more informed about security overall.”

Vince Marsters, “Power” Home User

Industry: PC enthusiast

Location: UK

# Employees: none


CHALLENGE: Secure media assets and website content; protect new server, running Microsoft™ Windows™ Home Server; simplify security and minimize management time

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Services (Hosted solution)

Read the Vince Marsters case study (PDF)

Communications Finance, Inc. (CFI)

“Today, it’s critical that businesses keep up with emerging threats, such as addressing the vulnerabilities in virtualized environments. Trend Micro gives us extremely relevant solutions in this area. We see IT professionals getting excited about these and other Trend Micro advancements.”

Dave Ladley, President

Industry: Technology consulting, sales, and

Location: Chicago, USA

# Employees: n/a


CHALLENGE: Differentiate CFI services from other technology providers; choose best-of-breed security for all types of business customers; help clients stay ahead of emerging threats

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security solutions and Enterprise security solutions

Read the Communications Finance, Inc. (CFI) case study (PDF)

Enigma Marketing Services

“Even with the sheer volume of threats out there, I consider us well protected with Smart Protection Network and Worry-Free solutions. My two main concerns are protection and productivity, and Trend Micro solutions allow me to check off both from my list.”

Luke Whitehead, Group Account Director

Industry: Marketing Services

Location: Berkshire, UK

# Employees: 30


CHALLENGE: Differentiate CFI services from other technology providers; choose best-of-breed security for all types of business customers; help clients stay ahead of emerging threats

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security solutions and Enterprise security solutions

Read the Enigma Marketing Services case study (PDF)

Bauman Lyons

“We are more profitable with our customers being protected with Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security. It saves us time… The effectiveness means that we can protect our profits, and charge a very competitive contract fee.”

Chris Carter, Managing Director, Stealth Managed Services Ltd.
(IT Service Provider for Bauman Lyons)

Industry: Architectural engineering

Location: Leeds, UK

# Employees: 25


CHALLENGE: Stop threats that were getting through the previous security solutions; avoid disruptions to the business, and help users stay focused; simplify and centralize management of security; keep cost of ownership low for security

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security

Read the Bauman Lyons case study (PDF)

Lang Energie AG

“We are obviously aware that there is no such thing as 100-percent security. But, with OfficeScan, we have a security solution that minimizes the risk of falling victim to cybercriminals or jeopardizing sensitive company information, without compromising performance. What more could an IT manager ask for?.”

Marcel Richard, IT Director

Industry: Energy/Automotive Services

Location: Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

# Employees: 100+


CHALLENGE: Create a secure, shared infrastructure for both sister companies.

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints

Read the Lang Energie AG case study (PDF)


Alfred Ashley

“Trend Micro hosted security solutions play perfectly in our business, and provide us with an ongoing revenue stream.”

Richard Crossland, Director

Industry: IT Services

Location: Middlesex, UK

# Employees: 10


CHALLENGE: Provide the right solution at the right price by offering a very high level of service.

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security Advanced, Worry-Free Remote Manager and Hosted Email Security

Read the Alfred Ashley case study (PDF)

UBIqube Solutions

“With the Cisco ASA 5500 Content Security Edition, we can enable cost-effective managed security services based on the latest content security technologies from Trend Micro.”

Hervé Guesdon, Director of Engineering and Product Management

Industry: Technology

Location: Echirolles, France

# Employees: n/a


CHALLENGE: Managing security in converged networks; security without complexity

SOLUTION: Cisco ASA 5500 Content Security Edition

Read the UBIqube Solutions case study (PDF)


BT Global Services

“The support we receive from Trend Micro goes beyond standard agreements. It is essential for a rapid response to our most demanding customers. Trend Micro™ xSP Partner Solutions demonstrate that Trend Micro understands our business and requirements. ”

Kees Plas, Head of Security Practice Benelux

Industry: Networked IT Services

Location: London, UK

# Employees: 37,000

CHALLENGE: Offer customers best-of-breed security solutions in times where web threats are growing exponentially and businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on the web for core operations

SOLUTION: Trend Micro xSP Partner Solutions

Read the BT Global Services case study (PDF)

Siemens AG

“From our perspective, Trend Micro has done better than any other provider, positioning itself as an ideal partner for very large enterprise customers.”

Martin Aicher, Team Leader, Virus Competence Center

Industry: Electronical Engineering

Location: Munich, Germany

# Employees: 400,000+


CHALLENGE: Siemens finds itself increasingly in the crosshairs of industrial espionage. Consequently, the company places a high priority on security and protecting against malicious attacks

SOLUTION: Trend Micro NeatSuite Advanced

Read the Siemens AG case study (PDF)


Bayer AG

“In our view, Trend Micro has positioned itself even more clearly as a partner for the very large enterprise segment. For the future, we therefore wish to work together even more closely.”

Udo-Peter Meyer, Bayer Business Services

Industry: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Life

Location: Leverkusen, Germany

# Employees: 100,000+


CHALLENGE: Prevent any downtime of critical systems or interruption of business processes in 94,000 PCs and servers around the world.

SOLUTION: Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints and Mail Servers

Read the Bayer AG case study (PDF)


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