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Industry Commentary

IDC Analyst Connection: Server Security for Today's Datacenters

Charles Kolodgy, Research Vice President, Security Products, IDC

In a dialog with Trend Micro, Kolodgy discusses the challenges customers face in securing servers in physical and virtual environments.

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Trend Micro #1 in Cloud Security

Technavio Global Market Share Report 2010-2014
This report covers the Cloud Security Software market in the Americas; the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region; and the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

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Taking a Smarter Approach to InfoSec

Mark Bouchard, AimPoint Group
Mark Bouchard examines the need to approach security from a data-centric point of view in the age of user mobility, the consumerization of IT, and cloud computing.

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Evaluating Vendor Cloud Security Strategies

Richard Stiennon, IT-Harvest
As IT infrastructures move to the cloud, analyst Richard Stiennon looks at several approaches to cloud security.

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Data Protection Quick Wins

Rich Mogull, Securosis
Get expert advice from CEO and analyst Rich Mogull on how to navigate through the chaos and bring order to protecting your data through a “quick wins” process.

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From Secure Virtualization to Secure Private Clouds

Neil MacDonald, Thomas J. Bitman, Gartner Research
Gartner Research shows that the uncertainties of using legacy security in a virtualized environment may actually hold organizations back from deploying and benefiting from cloud computing technologies.

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Improve VDI Protection

Jon Oltsik, Enterprise Strategy Group
VDI-aware security can provide better protection while preserving performance. ESG analyst Jon Oltsik reveals how traditional security impacts VDI.

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The Cloud-based Threat Defense Model

Jon Oltsik, Enterprise Strategy Group
Find out why existing threat defenses are no longer adequate and large organizations must embrace the cloud.

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"All security vendors are developing cloud security product strategies. They will have to move fast to catch up with Trend Micro."

-- Richard Steinnon,
IT Harvest,
Oct. 2011



"It's about steadily re-prioritizing efforts to focus on what matters most in the post-PC, cloud computing era…data, threats, and the essential capabilities that will enable organizations to achieve greater security effectiveness with less cost and complexity."

-- Mark Bouchard,
AimPoint Group,
Nov. 2011

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